Under review

Cohen C, Baird M, Koirola N, Kandrack R, Martsolf GR. The surgical and anesthesia workforce and provision of surgical services in rural communities: A mixed-methods examination. Revise and resubmit.

In preparation for submission

Patel E, Kandrack R. Differences in the number of services provided by advanced practice nurses and physicians in ambulatory care visits.

In progress

Kandrack R. The effect of Medicaid expansion on physician labor supply.

Kandrack R, Fraher EP, Holmes GM. Rural-urban differences in primary care scope of practice.

Peer-reviewed journal publications

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Peer-reviewed reports

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books and book chapters

Kandrack, R., & Lundberg, G. On the Influence of Emotion on Decision Making: The Case of Charitable Giving. In Human-Centric Decision-Making Models for Social Sciences, 2014: pp. 57-73. Springer.

The Urban Child Institute and RAND Corporation (contributing author). Off to a Good Start: Social and Emotional Development of Memphis’ Children. Memphis, TN and Santa Monica, CA: The Urban Child Institute and RAND Corporation, 2015.


Research interests

  • How changes in primary care organization and payment affect care delivery

  • Health care labor markets

  • Productivity and efficiency

  • Applied econometrics and causal inference


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